Eric Sanders

1919 – 2021

Eric Sanders passed away peacefully yesterday aged 101, a Jewish refugee from the Nazis who fought for Britain then became a teacher, and possibly Labour’s oldest member. We are heartbroken to lose our wonderful and inspirational friend

Eric Sanders – Austrian Jew; musician; soldier teacher; writer; socialist

Eric Sanders: Funeral Announcement

Croydon North Labour Campaigning in 2021

We have held 111 campaign sessions since the 12th of June 2021, visit the campaign wall.

  • Norbury and Pollards Hill 7th October
  • Norbury Park 7th October
  • Selhurst 7th October
  • Thornton Heath 7th October
  • Thornton Heath 7th October
  • Bensham Manor 7th October
  • West Thornton Mailings 6th October
  • Norbury Park Mailings 6th October
  • Norbury Park Mailings 6th October
  • Selhurst Mailings 6th October
  • Broad Green Mailings 6th October
  • Norbury and Pollards Hill Mailings 6th October
  • Norbury and Pollards Hill 6th October
  • Norbury and Pollards Hill 6th October
  • West Thornton 6th October

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How We Work

From our Croydon Labour teams, right up to the National Executive Committee, Labour is a volunteer-led organisation.

All party members have a direct role in choosing their representation at many levels of the local and national party organisation, from elected councillors, to annual party conference attendees.

Croydon North Constituency Labour Party (CLP) uses a branch structure, meaning each of the nine electoral wards in the constituency has a Branch Labour Party (BLP) which is open to any party member living in the ward.

Each branch elects officers and delegates annually, the delegates represent the interests of their branch at a monthly General Committee (GC) meeting, along with local delegates representing other parts of the Labour Movement.

The General Committee (GC) is the main decision-making body of the Constituency Labour Party. All members are invited to elect officers at its Annual General Meeting (AGM), and these officers deal with various functions involved in running the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) during the following year. Officers report back to the General Committee about their activities on a regular basis throughout the year.

All members are welcome to attend their Branch meetings, General Committee/All Members Meetings, and free to stand for elected positions at all levels of the Constituency Labour Party.

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Croydon North Demographics


2012 (138,435)
2018 (146,238)


White British 32.5%
Asian/Asian British 23.4%
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British 31.5%
Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups 7.6%
Other/No Data 2.3%